The Clams: 2002 the Clams have provided reverb soaked, go-go powered instrumentals from Maine to Pennsylvania. The Clams have shared stages with The Nebulas, 9th Wave, SPF-4, The Rip Chords and Many more awsome bands. The Clams have played The Cutting Room NYC, Otto's Shrunken Head, Cafe 9, Ralphs Diner, Kirkland Cafe, Geno's Rock Club, Yarmouth Clams Festival and many more groovy venues.

Dano: Dano is the co-creator, guitar player, songwriter, and administrator for the Clams. Dano finds deep joy in exceptional audio tone and fidelity, audience connections and energizing Go-Go dancers. Even after 15 years, Dano is incredulous at how lucky he is to be able to do this.

Stats: Guitar, administration 2002

Jimbo Clam is the original member and co-creator of the Clams. A lifetime friend of Dano, Jim came up with the name, drew the logo and lots of stuff that made the Clams possible. He is known for his rake-ish stance, his wandering to the end of his patch cord and his high energy driving bass lines. The Clams would not exist without Jim. The Clams lost Jim when he was inexplicably struck by lightning.

Stats: Creator and bass 2002 to 2005, last known to play guitar and sing with Eh Steve and Melon Farmers (and occasionally pops in with the Clams)

Kevin was the Clams first drummer and Jim's teenage son. Kevin relished his time with the Clams more as an unpleasant chore his dad was making him do rather than being in a cool rock band. Kevin soon ran away and may be slightly traumatized to this day.

Stats: Drums 2002 to 2002 The Clams are believed to be height of Kevin's musical explorations

Phred quickly replaced Kevin when he innocently wandered into a Clams show where the drummer was conspicuously absent. Surf instigator Mike Rosado ratted out Phred's drum ability and he was quickly forced to don a Hawaiian shirt and sit behind the drum set. Phred played lots of shows, recording sessions and has provided spectacular artwork for posters, CD jackets and more. Phred left the Clams to undergo a species change operation.

Stats: Drums 2002 to 2004, Currently plays with 9th Wave, The Deuce Frehley Band, Atlas Falls, and Whiskey Burn


Brain Clammage was a long running member of the Clams except for Dano. Brain helped define the Clams sound and has many shows and CDs under his belt. Much of the Clams success comes from not dispelling the rumor that our drummer was actually the famous male model and romance novel cover fixture, Fabio.

Stats: Drums 2004 to 2009

Nikki, occasionaly known as Knickers Clam, was by far the cutest and most asked for member of the Clams. Nikki stepped in for Jim with wonderful energy and enthusiasm. She has great tone and a really bad ass bass too. Nikki left the Clams when she discovered hanging out with old men in rock bands just doesn't impress college kids like it used to. To this day, almost every show, a fan will come up and ask "so what happened to the girl?"

Stats: Bass 2005 to 2007

J. Scott Clam: JSC played bass for many Clam shows, but soon turned his attention to Go-Go dancing and singing.

Stats: Bass 2008

Wu-Tang Clam - Wu-Tang's austere and zen like existence belies his passionate musical performances. A highly talented bass player, drummer, guitar player, bicyclist, teacher and who knows what else. Wu-Tang lives a life entirely free from flammable liquids. Stats:Bass 2007- drums as needed, even guitar from time to time.

Christian Clam - Christian is our biggest fan and our smallest band member. With LASER-like focus, talent and tons of hard work, Christian rocks with the big boys anyday. Christian steps in for occasional songs and sometimes whole shows.

Stats: Drums 2008-

Update - this little guy is taller than me now!

Sir Tomoclamonakilis III grand ruler of Scrobnobnos on the southern province of Nirobi (gesture deleted): TC3 as we like to call him, has popped in on drums for a bunch of gigs with inspiring skill and innovation.

Stats: Drums 2009 Also know to play with a Probe called Gnomes and Frankpipe)

J-Rok Clam - Excitement and superb jazzy tone had come to the Clams thanks to J-Rok (although we just called him Posh). J-Rok plays a custom, left handed cocktail drum kit and often plays with a cool crowd of Jazz heavyweights.

Stats: Drums 2009 to 2010

Don-Ho Clam - Don steps up for many shows with the Clams with an endless supply of classic bass lines. Don lays down the bass for Western Mass Rockers, Crosspoint too.

Stats: Bass 2008


Clams Casino-Royale (no cheese)  - Tone tempered with Tiki, Mr. Casino-Royale's drumming swings from lush to intense in a snap. He was an original member of the Genitorturers and has played with some of the control knobs at ESPN. Stats: Drums 2011

Deep C. Clam - This guy is the lowest. He plays deeper bass notes than any Clam ever. Spectacular sounds form this chap. Also played with the Mighty Drivers. Stats: Bass 2011

Clammy Davis Jr. - Smooth, surfy beats. Sophisticated jazzy rhythms. Superb tone and dynamics. I love playing with this guy. 

Stats: Drums: 2012

Go-Go dancers - life is just better with go-go dancers.

THE CLAMTalk_To_The_Clam.html

Dr. Klampitz - Great sound, great chops and a joy for making music that lifts up band mates and audience alike. Also played with Blue Groove.

Stats: Drums 2017

Richie Almeja - Multi-instrumentalist since grade school. Rich brings a lifetime of rock and blues band experience, brilliant harmonies and great sound to the Clams. Recent bands include Push The Blues and The Diamond Collection. Rich left unexpectedly.

Bass 2019 - 2021

Joe Clam - Great drummer, great bandmate. Punk / Metal background but  pulled out fabulous jazzy and latin beats for us like a natural. Balanced out his understated band name with an exceptionally gorgeous drum kit.

Drums 2021

Chadmeister Clamz - A natural surf-rock drummer. Chad has deep appreciation and knowledge of surf rock and his own drum business! Drums with a vintage vibe that is core Clams. Drums 2023